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Credit Card Authorization
Credit Card Information
Card Holder's Name :*
Credit Card Number :*
Credit Card Type :* Expiry Date :* CVV :*
Billing Information
First Name :* MI : Last Name :*
Address 1:*
Address 2:
City :* State :*
Country :* Zip Code :*
Primary Phone :*
Secondary Phone :
Email :*

I here by authorize Ransi Travels or it's affiliate or the transporting airline to charge my credit card mentioned above for the amount of USD $ towards payment of airline tickets as per the details mentioned in reservation form. I recognize that the above amount may be different from the amount that appear on my tickets. I understand that taxes and service charges are included in the above amount and penalties apply for cancellations/changes/refunds. I am aware that it may not be possible for me to receive any additional benefits or insurance offered by my credit card company.

Signature of the Card Holder Date :
Note : Please send us scanned copy of credit card (Front & Back) and passport or driver's licence of card holder and reservation form with this authorization form.
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